Best Price Babz Sit Up Trainer Ab Cruncher Door Machine

Do you know how and wherever you may find the perfect Babz Sit Up Trainer Ab Cruncher Door Machine inside the market? In case you haven’t then you will be greater than welcomed to go to our internet site and discover some tips and tips to discover the best Babz Sit Up Trainer Ab Cruncher Door Machine that suit your desires and spending budget. We have been right here to supply you updated facts and insight about Babz Sit Up Trainer Ab Cruncher Door Machine items within the market.

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Babz Sit Up Trainer Ab Cruncher Door Machine

Babz Sit Up Trainer Ab Cruncher Door Machine Detail Features and Description :


  • Great for intense abdominal workouts
  • Can be used by man or woman
  • Perfect for your gym at home
  • No mounting required
  • Made of robust steel construction


This sit up trainer is perfect for those intense abdominal workouts. The Sit Up trainer has 3 height settings and can easily be slid under any door in the house and tightened so you can work out wherever you like. Made of robust steel construction. This can be easily attach to a door featuring its screw coupling. No mounting required.

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List Price: £7.53

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